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Using doppel’s touch controls

You can use the app to send different rhythms to doppel. Each rhythm contains two beats, one slower to help feel calm, and one faster to help feel focused. But once set, you can leave your phone or tablet behind.

This video demonstrates all of doppel’s touch gestures:

Turning doppel on and off

Tap one end of the white ridge on doppel's face, then the other end, and then the end you started with again. It does not matter which end you start with, you can tap 'top, bottom, top' or 'bottom, top, bottom'.

doppel will always start on your slow rhythm.

To turn off, repeat the gesture.

Switch between your low and high beats

doppel always stores two beats. When you first turn on doppel your low beat will begin automatically.

To switch to your high beat: double tap your doppel anywhere on the face.

To switch back to your low beat: sweep your thumb back and forth over the ridge on doppel’s face three times.

If you want to change the tempo of your high or low beats, use the app to send another one of your saved rhythms. This will replace the rhythm currently stored on your doppel.

Adjust the intensity of the vibration

To increase the intensity of the vibration, touch your finger at any point on the edge of doppel’s face.

Holding your finger to the edge of doppel’s face, sweep clockwise all the way around the outside edge of the face.

Once you have made one complete circle, continue to sweep clockwise until you reach an intensity you like.

If you overshoot, just change direction (keeping your finger on the face) to adjust.

To decrease the intensity of the vibration, follow the steps above but use an anti-clockwise motion.

Checking doppel’s battery level

To check how much battery your doppel has, using the straps as a guide, tap back and forth across doppel three times and then count the buzzes you feel.

Four beats = 75% - 100%

Three beats = 50% -75%

Two beats = 25% - 50%

One beat = 0% - 25%

Pairing doppel to the doppel app via Bluetooth using the pairing gesture

If you need to pair with your doppel but don’t have the charger, use the 4-point pairing gesture. There’s a diagram on the app if you need to check.

Your doppel will vibrate once it is in pairing mode.