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Pairing doppel to the doppel app via Bluetooth

The doppel app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to connect to your doppel.

Before you can scan for your doppel, it must be placed into pairing mode and your phone must have its Bluetooth switched on.

Method 1: Using the charging base

Plug in your charging base, check that the charging contacts on doppel’s metal base and the pins on the charging base will align, then push doppel firmly into the charging base. Your doppel will vibrate once it is in pairing mode.

Method 2: Using the pairing gesture

If you need to pair with your doppel but don’t have the charger, use the 4-point pairing gesture.

There’s also a diagram on the app if you need to check. Your doppel will vibrate once it is in pairing mode.


Bluetooth works in different ways on different devices. If your doppel disconnects unexpectedly, follow these steps to reconnect it.

  1. If your doppel is in pairing mode but the app can’t find doppel when it scans for it, press the ‘Retry’ button.
  2. If your doppel is unresponsive but the ‘My doppel’ page shows that it should be connected, press ‘Unpair from doppel app’ and then follow the steps to re-pair.
  3. If you have paired with doppel but are having problems with actions such as checking the ‘My doppel’ page or seeing whether you need to update the firmware, press ‘Unpair from doppel app’, follow the steps to re-pair, and then immediately go to the ‘My rhythms’ page and Sync a rhythm. This should fix the issue.
  4. If you’re still experiencing problems, or you’re consistently unable to pair to your doppel, your phone may have too much information in its Bluetooth cache. First try turning off your Bluetooth, closing the app fully. Then turn Bluetooth back on and re-open the app.
  5. If you’re still unable to pair, please manually clear your Bluetooth cache. Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings, and remove paired items, including doppel.
  6. Turning your phone off and on again may also reset the Bluetooth. 
  7. Make sure your phone is running the most recent operating system available as this can also affect the Bluetooth.

If you have paired to your doppel using the charging base but the app shows that it has become disconnected when you remove doppel from the charging base, first try ‘Retry’ on the ‘My doppel’ page and if that doesn’t work, follow the Step 2 above to unpair and then re-pair.

If you’ve successfully paired but immediately get an error message which says ‘Error reading from doppel’ please try navigating to the My rhythms page and syncing any rhythm. On some phones this error message seems to be coming up even when doppel is connected. We’re currently working to fix this. If you can’t connect even after trying to sync a rhythm then please follow the troubleshooting steps above.

Please note that it's not currently possible to be paired to doppel from two devices at once so if you want to use it more than one device regularly, unfortunately right now you will have to re-pair to each device each time. This is something that we're working on at the moment so in the future it can stay paired to more than one device, but right now that isn't possible.

If after following all of the Bluetooth troubleshooting steps you are still unable to connect please get in touch. Some phones have specific Bluetooth issues and we may be able to help directly. So far we’ve seen specific problems with the Fairphone 2, Doogee MIX and Sony Xperia XZ.