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"I’m feeling a little on-edge, ready to pounce on whatever task needs taking care of next. It’s very similar to the caffeine jolt I get after a big cup of strong coffee. Which is all the more surprising because I haven’t consumed any caffeine so far that day." 
– Forbes
"It’s refreshing in a sea of health and wellbeing wearables which monitor your stats, spit out data and offer little by way of lifestyle suggestions." 
– Wareable
"WIRED will definitely be getting one to stay calm at work..." 
– Wired
"I am astonished to find that I really do start to feel more alert and focused." 
– Daily Mail


Design in Innovation Award 2016

RAEng Enterprise Fellowships 2016

Shortlist - Startup of the Year 2016

London Innovators Top 5 Products 2015

People's Choice Award 2015

Wearables Innovation Competition 2015

Winner - Partnership with Disney 2015

Short List - Wearable Start-Up 2015

Proof of Market Smart Grant 2015

Imperial Festival Exhibition 2015

Award for Creative Enterprises 2014

Horizon 2020 FI-C3 Accelerator 2014

Speaking appearances