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We are currently looking for people to fill the following position:

App developer

We are looking for a developer to continue development work and maintenance work on an existing cross-platform web app, running on both iOS and Android. The application will need to interact with a consumer-facing product over BLE. The application and product will be released both in North America and the EU. There is also scope for the development of a fully-fledged new application in due time which the candidate would be expected to advise, plan and develop for.

The applicant will need the following:

  • A degree to BSc or MSc level in Computer Science or a similar course in the relevant field with a 2:1 grade upon completion or higher
  • Fluency in HTML, JS and CSS
  • Familiarity with Apache Cordova is preferred, but not essential
  • Some experience working with data storage and encryption on private servers
  • Ability to work with Bluetooth Low Energy and other IoT protocols, familiarity with embedded electronics a plus
  • Experience in building and delivering mobile apps
  • A mix of creative and analytical skill sets to apply to problem-solving, in particular relating to signal processing
  • The applicant should be able to manage their time and be willing to self-teach new tools and methods as the project progresses
  • An interest in doppel and changing the expectations for new devices in the wellbeing and productivity markets
  • Experience with C#, .NET in light of shifting development towards a Xamarin-based environment

Duties and Responsibilities

The core responsibilities and duties of the applicant within the company will include the following:

  • Development of the mobile application for both Android and iOS operating systems, including testing and release schedules
  • Maintenance of the application on relevant platforms, including data storage, market listings, bug fixes and any relevant  updates as the software platforms update
  • Updating the applications with any new features and bringing them to the customers
  • Interaction and clear communication with hardware and design teams, including graphic design, experience design and hardware changes
  • Communication to the rest of the company on work done and updates to be produced, including timelines
  • Design and development of secure data storage in line with the GDPR regulations and guidelines applicable in the USA and the EU, including further required maintenance

The company is small, currently with 5 full time employees and up to 10 part-time contractors working to bring the product to life. If you are interested in the opportunity to join a small, growing company to change the way technology works with people and allow people to take control of their wellbeing, drop us an email with your CV and a one page covering letter to info@feeldoppel.com with the subject 'App developer'.

Salary: £40k-£50k + bonuses