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How to use doppel

Who is doppel for?

We’ve all wanted to change how we feel at some point. Perhaps you drink coffee to feel more alert before arriving at work. Or maybe you’ve considered taking up yoga to help wind down at the end of the day. If you want to feel calmer or more focused, then doppel is for you.

When can I use doppel?

You can use doppel any time you want to feel calmer, or when you want to feel more focused. Perhaps you want to stay calm during an important presentation or relax at the end of the day. Or maybe you want to feel more awake during an afternoon meeting or when you’re working towards a deadline. A rhythm close to your resting heart rate is calming, and a faster rhythm will help you feel more focused. Use the app to take your resting heart rate and create rhythms based on your own physiology.