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How to adjust doppel’s strap

To adjust the strap size, change the position of the popper before putting doppel on. Choose the hole you want for a snug but comfortable fit, then push the strap down hard over the round top of the popper.

To make sure the popper is secure, push the strap around the popper edge, and check the strap is flat. You can change the position as many times as you need.

And don’t worry, there is a spare popper in the box if you lose the first one.

Wearing your doppel

We recommend that you take your doppel off from time to time to clean it and allow for your skin to be uncovered. Use a clean, soft cloth and do not wash your doppel under the faucet or use abrasive cleaners.

doppel’s stainless steel metal base contains very small quantities of nickel, however the amount falls below the strict nickel restrictions set by European REACH regulation. Therefore, while nickel exposure is unlikely to be a problem, you should be aware of the possibility in case you're susceptible to nickel-related reactions.