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Getting started

Installing the doppel app

To download the doppel app for iOS from the App Store or for Android from Google Play, search ‘doppel - set your pace’.

The doppel app is compatible with Android (5 or later) iOS (9 or later).

Getting started

Open the app and follow the set up sequence to pair your doppel and begin creating your own, personalized rhythms.

The doppel app comes with preset rhythms but these need to be personalized to you. Follow the steps to take your resting heart rate so that the app can suggest rhythms based on your physiology.

Set your pace

Take time to find rhythms that work for you and try them out in different situations. Save your favorites on the app.

Wearing your doppel

doppel should be worn with the metal base pressed against the inside of your wrist, on the point where you would expect to feel your pulse.

You can wear your doppel on either wrist.

Adjust the strap to ensure a snug but comfortable fit

To adjust the strap size, change the position of the popper before putting doppel on. Choose the hole you want for a snug but comfortable fit, then push the strap down hard over the round top of the popper.

To make sure the popper is secure, push the strap around the popper edge, and check the strap is flat. You can change the position as many times as you need.

And don’t worry, there is a spare popper in the box if you lose the first one.