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Who is doppel for?

We’ve all wanted to change how we feel at some point. Perhaps you drink coffee to feel more alert before arriving at work. Or maybe you’ve considered taking up yoga to help wind down at the end of the day. If you want to feel calmer or more focused, then doppel is for you.

When can I use doppel?

You can use doppel any time you want to feel calmer, or when you want to feel more focused. Perhaps you want to stay calm during an important presentation or relax at the end of the day. Or maybe you want to feel more awake during an afternoon meeting or when you’re working towards a deadline. A rhythm close to your resting heart rate is calming, and a faster rhythm will help you feel more focused. Use the app to take your resting heart rate and create rhythms based on your own physiology.

Which wrist should I wear doppel on?

You can wear your doppel on either wrist. doppel should be worn with the metal base pressed against the inside of your wrist, on the point where you would expect to feel your pulse.

How can I adjust the strap?

See How to adjust doppel’s strap

Does doppel monitor heart rate?

No. We take your resting heart rate through the app on your phone and then set suggested rates from that baseline. No need to monitor.

How do I charge doppel?

See Charging your doppel

How long does the battery last for?

Depending on how you use your doppel, battery life will vary. At 180 BPM and maximum intensity, the battery will last for over five hours of continuous use. At a lower BPM and intensity setting the battery will last longer. Please note: You should charge your doppel after periods of non-use of more than a few days to ensure maximum battery life. This is because doppel's touch controls use power even when the motor is not spinning. You can charge doppel using the supplied charging base in approximately two hours.

How long does doppel take to charge?

doppel takes approximately two hours to charge fully.

Do I need a smartphone to use doppel?

doppel works with a companion app. The app can be installed on a smartphone or tablet. Use the app to take your resting heart rate, create rhythms, edit your saved rhythms, and send a new pair of rhythms to your doppel. doppel stores one pair of rhythms at a time (one low and one high). But once set, you can leave your phone or tablet behind. You can then turn doppel on and off, switch between your high and low rhythm, adjust the intensity of the vibration, and check the battery - all using touch gestures. See Using doppel’s touch controls

doppel syncs with the doppel app on your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy. Devices which support Bluetooth Low Energy include iPhone 4s or later, iPad (3rd generation) or later, iPad mini or later, iPod touch (5th generation) or later. For Android, please check your device's manufacturer. The doppel app is compatible with Android (5 or later) iOS (5 or later).

What colors is doppel available in?

doppel is available in black or white with a matching black or white strap.

What’s the difference between the straight strap and the tapered strap?

The straight strap is 20 mm wide and will fit wrists with a circumference between 12 cm and 21 cm. The tapered strap is 14 mm wide and will fit wrists with a circumference between 12 cm and 20 cm. doppel comes with standard (16 mm) spring pins so it's possible to swap the straps for another set at home, or with help from any good jeweller.

Is doppel water resistant?

doppel is water and sweat resistant, which means it is rain-proof and splash-proof. Do not swim with doppel. We also do not recommend wearing doppel in the shower. If your doppel gets wet, dry it thoroughly before putting it back on.

I am sensitive to nickel. Can I wear doppel?

doppel’s stainless steel metal base contains very small quantities of nickel, however the amount falls below the strict nickel restrictions set by European REACH regulation. Therefore, while nickel exposure is unlikely to be a problem, you should be aware of the possibility in case you're susceptible to nickel-related reactions.

What comes in the box?

Your doppel comes with a bespoke charging cable, protective bag, a spare popper for the strap, and a printed product guide.

How to install the doppel app

Download the doppel app for iOS from The Apple Store or for Android from The Play Store. Just search ‘doppel - set your pace’. The doppel app is compatible with Android (5 or later) iOS (5 or later).

There aren’t any screens or buttons, how do I control doppel?

You can use the app to send a pair of rhythms (one low and one high) to doppel. But once set, you can leave your phone or tablet behind. You can turn doppel on and off, switch between your high and low rhythm, adjust the intensity of the vibration, and check the battery - all using touch gestures. See Using doppel’s touch controls

Studying people’s behaviour guided us when designing doppel’s natural interactions. When people are stressed or nervous they often rub their cuticles or stroke the ridge of their nails. When feeling tired, a squeeze or a sharp tap can help you feel more alert. We took these everyday actions and used them to influence the design.

How do I turn doppel on and off?

See Using doppel’s touch controls

How do I switch between the two rhythms currently on my doppel?

See Using doppel’s touch controls

How do I adjust the intensity of the vibration?

See Using doppel’s touch controls

How do I check how much battery doppel has left?

See Using doppel’s touch controls

Does doppel come with a warranty?

doppel comes with a twelve month warranty. For more information view our Terms of Service.

What is your returns policy?

Providing your doppel is not damaged, you have 60 days if you decide that you would like to return it. For more information view our Terms of Service.

Is it possible to exchange my doppel for a different color?

Yes. If you would like to exchange your doppel please email us info@feeldoppel.com. Please include the order confirmation relating to your current doppel and submit the details of the new doppel you would like to exchange it for. For more information view our Terms of Service.

Are my credit card details secure?

We don’t store any of your credit card information (all details relating to payment are handled by our payment processor Shopify) and we will never share your personal information with anyone else.

I don’t live in the USA, Canada or Europe, when will doppel come to my country?

Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to ship outside of the UK, EU and North America at the moment.

Could this be a smartwatch app?

No. We looked into making an app for other devices but they don't currently have the actuator or battery capability. It wouldn't feel right and your smart watch would run out of battery before you had a chance to check your emails!

Could doppel be used by musicians?

Yes! You can set the tempo to a huge number of different BPMs for a silent metronome. It’s not yet possible to sync doppel with a specific track but this is something we’re looking at.

I have a heart condition. Can I use doppel?

doppel doesn’t directly change your heart rate. It works by changing your brain’s perception of your heart rate. A useful analogy is to compare it to music. Upbeat music gets us going, slower music is calming. This isn’t coincidence, we actually entrain to these rhythms - a faster rhythm makes us more alert, and a slower one calms us down. doppel is doing a similar thing but with a beat that you feel rather than one that you hear. Like with music, your heart rate won’t match doppel’s rhythm however if you have a heart condition we do recommend speaking to your doctor first, just in case.

I have an anxiety disorder. Could doppel help me?

We are very hopeful that doppel will be able to help people with anxiety disorders. In our own tests we have seen that doppel is very effective for people who are nervous and stressed. And in controlled scientific tests run by Royal Holloway University London people using doppel were less stressed when put in a pressured situation than those who did not use doppel. You can read more about our research here. We aim to do further tests in the near future.

I'm a pre-order customer and I have a new credit card. How should I update my details?

See Information for pre-order customers

I have moved house since I pre-ordered. How should I update my details?

See Information for pre-order customers

When will my pre-order arrive?

See Information for pre-order customers

Am I able to cancel my pre-order?

See Information for pre-order customers

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