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Charging your doppel

To charge your doppel, check that the charging contacts on doppel’s metal base and the pins on the charging base will align, then push doppel firmly into the charging base.

doppel’s motor will spin continuously for one seconds once the charging contacts are touching.

Make sure to charge your doppel for two hours before connecting with your phone or tablet for the first time.

How long does doppel’s battery last?

Depending on how you use your doppel, battery life will vary. At 180 BPM and maximum intensity, the battery will last for over five hours of continuous use. At a lower BPM and intensity setting the battery will last longer. Please note: You should charge your doppel after periods of non-use of more than a few days to ensure maximum battery life. This is because doppel's touch controls use power even when the motor is not spinning. You can charge doppel using the supplied charging base in approximately two hours.

How long does doppel take to charge?

doppel takes approximately two hours to charge fully.

Can I leave doppel plugged into the charging base for longer than two hours?

You can leave the doppel in the charging base without degrading the battery. doppel enters a different charging mode upon completion of the battery charging cycle and so it won't be a problem.


No product is perfect from day one, especially when there’s an app involved.

These instructions should help if you're experiencing problems charging your doppel.

I placed my doppel in the charging base but it didn’t buzz for one second as it should

Make sure you push doppel firmly into the charging base. If the charging contacts do not align properly the motor will not spin and doppel won’t charge.

If you’re doppel is completely out of battery it might take a few moments for motor to spin.

I placed my doppel in the charging base, it buzzed for one second but then it buzzed again when I let go

If doppel buzzes again when you let go it has disconnected. Push it in firmly again and then let go gently to ensure the charging pins stay aligned.

I placed my doppel in the charging base, it buzzed for one second to indicate it’s connected, but after two hours it wouldn’t turn on

If doppel buzzes when you release it every time (or you find that your doppel doesn’t seem to be charging) then try placing something reasonably heavy such as a large book on top of your doppel. You could also use an elastic band to hold it in place. Don’t worry about your doppel, it’s built to withstand more than the weight of a book!

We are currently working on a better solution to this issue.

I placed my doppel in the charging base and now it won’t stop buzzing in the charging base

If your doppel buzzes continuously when you push it into the charging base, it means that the charging pins aren’t properly aligned. What’s happening is that your doppel is connecting, then disconnecting, then connecting again, giving the impression of a continuous buzz.

To resolve, push doppel in firmly again and then let go gently to ensure the charging pins stay aligned.

I placed my doppel in the charging base and now it won’t stop buzzing, even after I remove it from the charging base

This is not a common problem, but if your doppel buzzes continuously after charging, even after removing it from the charging base, please try the following:

  1. Remove doppel from the charging base.
  2. Make sure the charging base is plugged in and then place your doppel back in the charging base.
  3. Scan for your doppel using the app as normal - even if it's still spinning continuously whilst in the charging base and therefore does not buzz specifically to show that it's in pairing mode.
  4. Your app should find doppel so you'll then be able to turn it off via the app. Your doppel should then work as normal but we have found that trying to sync a new rhythm after connecting can help.

If these steps don't fix the problem, unfortunately you should then wait for the battery to run out and then start the charging process again. We are currently working on a firmware fix which will solve this problem.

I’m having trouble charging doppel through my laptop

Some computers (and we've mainly noticed this with Macs) limit the maximum power drawn from the USB port when prevents you from charging certain devices, including doppel. This is mostly happening when a laptop is not plugged in to the mains (as the power saving mode blocks charging). It can also related to the power saving settings of the computer. If you're charging from a laptop, try plugging the laptop in. If this doesn't work then using a USB plug in a wall socket should work.