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We are designers, engineers and scientists

Our story

doppel started with science. The idea was inspired by cutting-edge research in psychophysiology - the study of the way in which your mind and body affect one-another. doppel applies research in psychology and neuroscience which show how humans respond intuitively and naturally to different rhythms.

Work on the first prototypes began in late 2013. After one year of design, real life testing and scientific trials, we launched on Kickstarter with a bold ambition of raising £100,000. The campaign was successful (we actually raised £111,194) and the manufacturing process began.

It took us longer than we first hoped to deliver to our Kickstarter backers, but we kept them all up to date with our manufacturing highs and lows in our popular fortnightly customer updates. We even documented the journey from start to finish on our blog. We hit setbacks, but we were always honest and we always owned up to our mistakes.

We finally delivered to our Kickstarter backers at the beginning of 2018, and we began fulfilling our pre-orders straight after that. It’s been amazing to hear stories and see photos from our customers across the globe.

We’re now ready to take new orders, and we can’t wait to share doppel with the world!


The team behind doppel comprises Dr Fotini Markopoulou, Jack Hooper, Andreas Bilicki and Nell Bennett.

They met on the Innovation Design Engineering joint MSc/MA course at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art and have spent the past four years working on technology inspired by psychophysiology - the study of the relationship between the mind and the body.

The team is advised by Professor Manos Tsakiris, Professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London.


Dr Fotini Markopoulou

Fotini has 15 years of experience in academia as a theoretical physicist and was a founding member of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.


Jack Hooper

Jack is a design engineer who has worked for a start-up developing robots to insulate under floors and has designed and built tools for the weaving industry. He is a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow.


Nell Bennett

Nell has extensive experience in developing products around the world. She’s an award winning industrial designer who has worked with the Singaporean government developing health-tech products and setting up an enterprise in Nepal.


Andreas Bilicki

Andreas is a materials scientist and electronics expert who has built a laser tool to restore artefacts, an EEG headset and an electro-magnetic resettable glue. He has expertise in manufacturing processes as well as electronics development.

Chief Scientist

Professor Manos Tsakiris

Professor Manos Tsakiris’ research focuses on the neurocognitive mechanisms that shape the experience of embodiment and self-identity using a wide range of research methods, from psychometrics and psychophysics to neuroimaging. He is Professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London, where he is also Director of Research. He has published widely in neuroscientific and psychology journals, and his current research projects investigate the plasticity of self- identity and he is leading an ERC Consolidator project. He is the recipient of the 2014 Young Mind and Brain Prize and of the 22nd Experimental Psychology Society Prize (2015). In 2016, he was confirmed as the first recipient of the NOMIS Foundation Distinguished Scientist Award.

In the press

"When I stuck my wrist out to try it out I had a “maybe my wife will like this” take on it, but within a few moments, I was smiling at how soothing and pleasant the experience was."

"I’m feeling a little on-edge, ready to pounce on whatever task needs taking care of next.It’s very similar to the caffeine jolt I get after a big cup of strong coffee."

"It looks like a small wristwatch, but instead of telling the time or tracking your steps or sending you notifications, its whole purpose is to calm you down."


Winner - Best Female-Led Investment 2018

Shortlist - Top 500 deep-tech startups 2017 & 2018

RAEng Enterprise Fellowships 2016

Finalist - Start-up Founder 2017

Shortlist - Startup of the Year 2016

Design in Innovation Award 2016

London Innovators Top 5 Products 2015

People's Choice Award 2015

Short List - Wearable Start-Up 2015

Award for Creative Enterprises 2014

Horizon 2020 FI-C3 Accelerator 2014