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Designing doppel’s intuitive interactions

Posted by Georgina Orso on

From the very start of our design journey we wanted to create a truly empathic product. Screens and buttons are so prevalent in many of our lives but there’s a growing need to switch off.

Designing doppel was a complex challenge because we wanted to design a piece of technology that didn’t feel like technology.

Studying people’s behavior guided us when designing doppel’s natural interactions. When people are stressed or nervous they often rub their cuticles or stroke the ridge of their nails. When feeling tired, a squeeze or a sharp tap can help you feel more alert. We took these everyday actions and used them to influence the design.

The final design

How do I turn doppel on and off?

Cover the edge of the motor with your thumb for five seconds to turn doppel on or off. When turning on, after three seconds doppel will begin to beat at your slow rhythm. To turn off, cover the edge motor and wait for the vibration to stop.

How do I switch between the two rhythms currently on my doppel?

doppel stores one pair of rhythms at a time (one low and one high). When you first turn on doppel your low rhythm will begin automatically. To switch to your high rhythm: double tap your doppel anywhere on the face. To switch back to your low rhythm: sweep your thumb back and forth over the ridge on doppel’s face three times. If you want to change the tempo of your high or low rhythm, use the app to send another one of your saved pairs. This will replace the pair currently stored on your doppel.

How do I adjust the intensity of the vibration?

To increase the intensity of the vibration: Touch your finger at any point on the edge of doppel’s face. Then, holding your finger to the edge of doppel’s face, sweep clockwise all the way around the outside edge of the face. Once you have made one complete circle, continue to sweep clockwise until you reach an intensity you like. If you overshoot, just change direction (keeping your finger on the face) to adjust.

To decrease the intensity of the vibration, follow the steps above but use an anti-clockwise motion.

How do I check how much battery doppel has left?

To check how much battery your doppel has, using the straps as a guide, swipe back and forth across doppel three times and then count the buzzes you feel. Five buzzes = 100% Four buzzes = 80% Three buzzes = 60% Two buzzes = 40% One buzz = 20%.

Senses not sensors

Our brains haven’t evolved to process data, our brains have evolved to process experiences. 

Empathic wearable technology enhances our experience by interacting with our emotions, needs and relations with others. Emotions have their roots in our bodies, and so it is natural for empathic technology to be wearable because it needs to actively affect our bodies.

With doppel, you don’t need to see a graph for it to work. You don’t need to download your data for it to change your day.

Of course a monitoring band can be useful for certain things - athletes value fitness data and patients may want to share certain medical data with their doctor. But for most of us our true goals, to live healthier, be happier with our families, to feel less stressed after work, do not fit in graphs.

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